48 Hour Visit

I will return to your home when baby is 2 days old. During this visit, mother and baby will be examined and any questions or concerns will be addressed. This is when the metabolic screen for the infant will be done, per State Law, as well as signing of the birth certificate.

Keep in mind that we must advise you to see a pediatrician within 24-48 hours after birth.

2 Weeks

We will see you again at 2 weeks postpartum. This is typically a “social” visit where we review the birth process and discuss your emotions and concerns at length. Baby will also be assessed and weighed again as well as you to ensure you are recovering properly.

6 Weeks

This is your final official visit! This visit is similar to the others in that we assess both mom and baby, answer any questions that have come up, and if needed,  a pap smear will be offered.

Orlando, FL