Behiye left such an impact during the birth of my daughter that I will ALWAYS seek her out to help me with my future births. Behiye balances being kind and personal while also maintaining great professionalism and appropriately respecting boundaries. I didn’t know what I was looking for in a midwife when I got pregnant but Behiye quickly became the woman I asked to do the appointments. She encouraged me to trust my body and to trust my instincts. She has always been right there when I needed advice or had questions.

Having an out of hospital birth was in every way amazing!! It was super helpful to be able to freely move around and also labor in the birthing tub. My favorite part was being able to stay with my daughter every second after she was born. She was never pulled from my hands and everything I requested to be/not be done when she was born was respected and I wasn’t harassed to make any decisions I wasn’t comfortable with. I will always aim to do out of hospital births!!

Zoe M.

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I can’t say enough about Behiye.  Absolutely AMAZING!! So kind, compassionate and thoughtful!    

Racheal NMother
Orlando, FL